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What is Celeb 4 A Day - Celeb 4 A Day is a service that provides the everyday person with their very own Personal Paparazzi experience for birthdays, gag gifts, parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties, or ANY other event that requires The Star Treatment. Our belief is that the everyday person deserves the attention as much, if not more, than the real celebrities and nothing makes us happier than to be able to provide that service to each and every one of you.

What if I want to order online - Because we care about giving you the very best personal paparazzi experience and prefer to discuss your event and/ or selected packages with you before we book, we do not accept bookings online. However, all payments can be made online via a major credit card or paypal.

What cities do you cover - We currently service Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City (Manhattan). We have plans for responsible growth in the future and look to have services in a major metropolitan area near you soon. If you’d like to expand Celeb 4 A Day into your area shoot us a line at


Can my personal paparazzi follow me anywhere - Your Personal Paparazzi will not follow you into highly trafficked streets or any location deemed dangerous by the on-site supervisor. Trespassing is strictly prohibited. If you require us to follow you onto private property (club, bar, restaurant, residence) permission from the owner of the property will be required before completion of booking. Any location deemed dangerous by the on-site supervisor will result in a termination of services. If required, events and public locations must be notified prior to your Celeb 4 A Day experience to obtain photography permission.

Can I be late or miss my specific time - While we understand that things happen, we pay our paparazzi for the time required to do your specific package. Timing is of great importance in the planning and execution of your Personal Paparazzi event (just imagine how lame it would be if you stepped out of a limo and we weren’t there), therefore any event running 25 minutes later than the time specified by you in booking without prior approval will incur a $50 fee.

Can I still have my booked event if it’s raining - Nature doesn’t always cooperate with our plans. We understand and will make every effort to provide our services in an alternative way that still works for you. However, the photography equipment that we use is not suited for rain and in the event that we feel we cannot perform our services we will rebook your event for another date with no charge to you or refund 50% of your package cost. The best bet is to plan ahead and make sure you are aware of the weather before booking.

Can I use my Celeb 4 A Day at multiple locations, like one part of town and then another - Except in the case of MegaStar packages, we prefer to have our clients use their entire package time to experience The Star Treatment instead of most of it being used as travel time, so normally we do not do multiple locations that are not within walking distance. However, if you desperately need us in multiple locations we can provide that service for an appropriate additional fee.


I want to be listed as a partner in your get ready section. How can I - We would love to have you listed in our “get ready” section. However, we only list companies, people, places & things that we have tried personally to ensure that our clients are using the absolute best. If you’d like us to try it out, give us a shout at

I don’t need the magazine cover. Will it be cheaper - Most of our costs are incurred during your event by providing you personal paparazzi. The Celeb 4 A Day MyStar Cover is pretty much a throw in to give you a memento of your experience. While we understand that some events do not require a Celeb 4 A Day MyStar Cover, the price of your package will not change if you decide to remove it.

I only need 15 minutes. How much will that cost - If you have an event that requires everything on our established packages but for a shorter time, the package price applies. For instance, if you want the A-List but only 15 minutes, the A-List package (up to 30 minutes) is still your price.

I don’t see what I am looking for - Contact a Celeb 4 A Day representative to discuss your needs and we’ll try to accommodate (and even help you plan) exactly what you are looking for.


Do you require payment upfront - We do require payment in full at the time of your booking to ensure your event date and time.

Do you do corporate events - Yes, we’ve done a ton of corporate events and would be more than happy to talk to you about what your corporate event needs entail.

Do you this trend will last - We think it’s a little like getting a limo. Everyone can afford a limo these days, but you still get one for that special occasion - and people still look to see who’s coming out of it.

Do you think it’s fun - It’s definitely as fun for us as it is for you. So, yes. Most definitely.


Want to bring Celeb 4 A Day to your city? We’re now providing licensing opportunities for expansion of our territories across the United States. Learn more by emailing:

Are you an amateur or pro photographer that would like to join our team in one of our established cities? If a fun, freelance, not too-cool-for-school part-time gig sounds good to you, we want to hear from you:

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